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This future sounds cool










The Suburb of the Future, Almost Here

1925 Beach Drive in Curbed







It’s hot out there and getting hotter. And with that in mind, let’s take a look at a few properties where refuge from the heat lies only a few steps away in the cool waters of the Pacific. Here are five oceanfront homes on the market around Southern California. …read full article

Stop the madness petition

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Despite Fed rate hikes, mortgage rates will not go up this year

Clouds are forming over the bond market

Future of Roofing is Here

Tesla has started taking deposits for their beautiful solar roof tiles. Includes tax credits and lifetime warranty. Hopefully it’s as good as their cars, which are currently the best in the world.


The environment comes first for me, always.

Leo quoted in Thursday’s L.A. Times

Best Deal on Hermosa Beach/Manhattan Beach Strand

1830 The Strand, Hermosa Beach

Leo quoted in Saturday L.A. Times

Scott Garner

East Los Angeles is both a place and a mode of being, a physical homeland and the spiritual heart of the Mexican diaspora in the United States.

The cultural and political effects that this vibrant neighborhood have had, across the country and around the world, are hard to overstate. It’s impossible to imagine Los Angeles without East L.A., but although the two are often conflated in the popular imagination, the latter is actually an unincorporated part of L.A. County, lying just across the Indiana Avenue city limit from Boyle Heights.

Don’t do business with this guy


Mario C. Gonzales, AKA Michael Sevilla, AKA Jimmy Moody, AKA Edgar Lozano has stolen 10K to 35K from dozens of buyers, and still has an active broker’s license.

Buying is somehow still cheaper than renting in L.A.

Despite the 5-6% annual price increases of the last few years, it is still cheaper to buy than rent in L.A., and always will be. I’ve seen these analyses for many years (won’t say how many!) and it’s never even close.


Best Refi Opportunity Ever Is Over

Rates have been creeping up, and it’s looking like the fed will finally raise rates on Dec. 14. The stock market won’t like this of course, which will send investors to bonds, which should drive mortgage rates back down a bit, but not to the near all-time lows we saw this year.